Quick and healthy recipes for boats, vans and camping

Cooking for a group in a small space on a boat can be challenging, but fun!  Days at sea can be full and busy and you might not want to spend too much time below cooking or chopping. These quick, easy and healthy recipes have been contributed by our many customers, as well as the wider team at Sail Boat Project.

Even a galley novice will be able to turn these meals out, with lots of suggestions to add your one pot wonder into an onboard feast. Download the Sailors’ Vegan Cookbook now and you’ll never go hungry at sea again!

Learn how to turn gnocchi into crunchy potato sides, a cheerful chilli, Thai green curry, pronto pasta, sweet potato satay and much more.

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All downloads contribute to our Community Sailing Fund, widening access to the sea, for all.

Why vegan?

Uniquely for a sailing school we provide vegetarian and vegan food by default as part of our commitment to lowering our company’s carbon footprint.

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