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At the helm in the Channel Islands
Beautiful by name, Beau Port anchorage, Jersey
The magical Isles Chaussey
Unspoilt beaches in Galicia, Spain

We’ve got a really exciting range of sailing trips scheduled for 2020. Starting in March we have a number of three andfive day trips working our way up the coast of Portugal. In early April we have two five day trips operating out of Vigo in northwest Spain. The inland open waters of Galicia are sheltered from the Atlantic swell by a string of islands, themselves marine natural reserves, and these dolphin-rich waters are a pleasure to explore. At the end of April we have a five day coastal milebuilder trip from Falmouth to Chichester harbour, tackling the Lyme Bay and Portland Bill. In August we have the return of our popular Channel Island trips – there are two of these five day trips available, starting or ending in Chichester harbour or St Malo, involving a ferry journey to or from St Malo, around £50. The idea is to have a five day continuous passage with only one channel crossing, leaving more time to explore places like the magical Isles Chaussey.

From June to September we have monthly three day refresher sailing trips, where we will be exploring the Solent waters. These are a chance to keep your sailing skills from going rusty, or to just enjoy being back on the water.

We can also arrange tailor made sailing trips with your own skipper, to suit different budgets. Please contact us to enquire about this.

No previous experience is required on our trips, they are open to everyone. We always make sure there is a balanced crew for the sailing planned, with plenty of opportunity to revise or learn new skills, or just enjoy yourself. Although your skipper will be in touch in advance, we always check in as a group once everyone is onboard and agree a plan of action, taking into weather and sea conditions. As usual all food is provided onboard but feel free to sample some local cuisine in any of the cafes along the way!

Please check the start and end points for each trip, see the full list of trips and tasters for details.

While these aren’t RYA courses, there is plenty of opportunity on one of our sailing trips to consolidate what you’ve learnt on a recent course, develop your sailing skills in more detail or just have a holiday and enjoy yourself! At the start of each sailing trip your skipper will ask everyone what they want out of their time, so there is plenty of opportunity to tailor the trip to your needs. On cross channel trips there will also be the opportunity for anyone looking to skipper their 60 nautical mile passages necessary for Yachtmaster Offshore examinations.

I couldn’t recommend Sail Boat Project more highly. What you do and the people genuinely have a love for the water and it shows. It was one of the most rewarding five days I’ve spent with a group of great folks doing something totally new in years. The professionalism, knowledge, practical hands on experience and warmth was exceptional. The food was bloody amazing. It’s inspired me to do more sailing when I get the chance.”

The quality of the food onboard made you feel like you were being well looked after (big flapjacks well hit the spot!!).”

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Each sailing trip is built around the experience and local knowledge of your skipper. They will share with you their favourite places, whether it’s an amazing view, a sailing challenge or a great place to eat! Have a look at the dates and rates and see what ideas our skippers have come up with. The main thing we want is that each trip suits everyone onboard, so you’ll be fully involved in planning. If you want to use the trip to develop particular sailing skills this can be taken into account, or if you want to kick back and relax we can adjust the pace and itinerary accordingly.

We can also arrange bespoke trips for groups, contact us to find out more.

Prior experience required: None, all welcome, although if you haven’t been sailing before you might want to consider a taster sail (4 hours) or RYA Start Yachting course (2 days) first.

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