Gallant returned to Newhaven last August with our largest sail cargo order yet!

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This year we have two types of delicious organic Portuguese olive oil. What’s more we’ve been able to keep prices the same as 2020! Any orders made now can be collected or delivered as below from 14th February 2022.

  • collected from our hubs in Lewes, Steyning, Hurstpierpoint and Peacehaven
  • delivered by Zedify bike couriers to postcodes BN1, BN2, BN3

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We were really pleased to welcome the ship and crew of Gallant back to Newhaven for a fourth time, working with New Dawn Traders and the wider Voyage Coop that makes this all happen. Thanks again to Newhaven Marina for accommodating Gallant and the Port Authorities of Newhaven. Lewes cusomers were able to collect their orders from the banks of the Ouse itself thanks to the joint efforts of local Gig Rowing Clubs completing the final miles under oar. Thanks to Affinity Rowing Club, Newhaven Gig Rowing Club and Lewes Pilot Gig Club for their sterling efforts! And final miles emissions-free in Brighton and Hive were carried out by bike couriers Zedify – thank you too!

Our online shop is now open again for the purchase of delicious Reigado and Caixeiro olive oils..

Make sail cargo part of the Green ‘New Normal’

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Newhaven-Dieppe trial route in June

There has been a ferry route between Newhaven (Sussex) and Dieppe (Normandie) since 1847 moving people, products and dreams. For over 150 years the route has relied upon fossil fuels and emitted Carbon Dioxide. We want to change that.

In June 2021, we piloted a new route between the two ports using zero carbon through wind and tides with our own yacht Jalapeño. Sussex food and drink was exchanged for Normandie food and drink in our initial pilot.

Graham Precey, Director of Newhaven Regeneration Group and Groupe Development Normandie and Allan Hancock of Sail Cargo Pirates have joined forces with with the team at Sail Cargo SE to make this happen.

“Newhaven is already an established Sail Cargo Port and has been receiving zero carbon products from Portugal. Dieppe is only 100k away and just over the horizon. We have the chance to exchange the best of Sussex and Normandie products using zero carbon. Social impact and environmental impact all in one go”

Why Sail Cargo?

In the face of climate breakdown, we’re proud to be part of a global movement promoting sail cargo as a close-to-zero-carbon alternative to conventional polluting oil powered transport (shipping is exempt from many climate treaties!). Working as part of the Sail Cargo Alliance, with New Dawn Traders and the Blue Schooner Company, we’re encouraging good food lovers to place an order and join our growing movement of sail cargo pioneers.

We ensure that the producers are guaranteed a fair price, up front, usually 50-60% of what you pay as a customer.

On top of all this, all surplus from our sail cargo sails supports our Community Sailing Fund, providing health and wellbeing sailing activities to community groups in Sussex, more important now than ever.

Previous sail cargo voyages:

Vessel: Gallant

July and October 2019, July 2020, August 2021, Newhaven

Gallant sailed all the way from the Caribbean, on schedule, using only her engine for harbour entrances. Gallant entered the Blue Schooner Company’s fleet in November 2017. She was originally a Herring logger named Jannetje Margaretha, built 1916 in Figee brothers’ yard in Vlaardingen, the Netherlands. During her long carrier, she has lived many different lives.

Bessie Ellen sail cargoVessel: Bessie Ellen

November 2018, Fowey, Cornwall (onward delivery overland to Sussex)

Built in Plymouth, Devon, in 1904 by William Kelly, Bessie Ellen is one of the last surviving West Country trading ketches from a fleet that once stood at nearly 700. Bessie Ellen lived through an era when working sailing ships were an everyday sight in English ports and harbours.

Nordlys sail cargoVessel: Nordlys

October 2017, Newhaven

The engine-less classic sailing ketch Nordlys was built in 1873 on the Isle of Wight. Operated by Fairtransport, she shipped 1000 litres of olive oil for us into Newhaven, from Porto, Portugal, marking our first sail cargo to the Sussex coast this century

Jalapeno sail cargoVessels: Nordlys and Jalapeno

June 2018, Brighton and Newhaven

We worked with Nordlys again this year, trans-shipping cargo from her to our own 43′ yacht Jalapeno in Torbay, Devon. This ‘Act of Cabotage’ echoed the 19th century shipping of cargo along the coast from port to port and was our inspiration for this year’s delivery of organic olive oil and whole olives from Porto to Brighton and Newhaven, as well as Fleur de Sel sea salt from the French island of Noirmoutier.

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