You can download a range of sailing resources here.

Covid-19 Procedures and risk assessments


If you are making a booking for more than one person (or under 18 years old), each additional person will need to complete and return to us a signed copy of one of our consent forms: Consent Form (2020, pdf)

Parental consent form (.doc)

Parental consent form (.pdf)

RYA course pathways and progression routes

Learning & Navigation

If you want to help prepare yourself or your group for a sailing activity, or add to what you have learnt, we have a range of learning resources here. We ask that you acknowledge Sail Boat Project as the source.

Day Skipper Knowledge Self Test 2019 – check if you have the assumed knowledge to do a RYA Day Skipper practical course (Thanks to Steve Hartley for producing this resource

RYA Day Skipper practical course syllabus

RYA Day Skipper theory course syllabus

Introduction to Sailing Terms pdf Written for anyone new to the water

How I passed my Yachtmaster exam – a personal account

How weather works Short little “learn about” animations and videos from the Met Office

Guide to collision regulations

Shipping forecast areas

Sailing logbook

Example Onboard Safety Briefing card

Tides worksheet pdf

June 2018 survey of Chichester bar

Essential Safety in Chichester Harbour Very good guide to key navigational points in the harbour

Rules of the Road – Navigating Safely in Chichester Harbour

Cambermet live weather station reporting from the central Solent

The Green Blue have a whole range of education resources, including How to green your yacht

Sailing with young people

Claudia Myatt is a marine artist who has produced some brilliant illustrated resources for young people.

Go Sailing! is a young person’s guide to dinghy sailing, with an accompanying Activity Book.

Go Cruising! is a young person’s guide to sailing and motor cruisers, also with its own Activity Book

Logbook for children

Or make your own with our Stickers for kids logbooks pdf


Thanks to Mark @coopsmark for these

Diesel troubleshooting flowchart

Engine overheats – problem solving flowchart

Smoky exhaust problem solving flowchart

Engine won’t start problem solving flowchart