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Day Skipper Knowledge self test

Do you have the assumed navigational knowledge to make a success of your RYA Day Skipper practical course? Take our fun Day Skipper Knowledge self test and find out! If you enroll on a RYA Day Skipper practical course it is assumed that you have navigational knowledge to Day Skipper shorebased ability.
This little test helps you gauge your current level and help you decide if you need to do the theory course. You can mark yourself in this test – the answers are at the end for you to check how well you did. It’s also well worth revising your theory knowledge prior to the course, especially if it is a little while since you took your theory course and you might be a bit rusty.

If you book your RYA Day Skipper theory online course with Sail Boat Project we’ll give you a £50 discount when you book 5 days of a practical course.