Advanced Mooring and Manoeuvring Skills

This is a one day session on board Karic to increase your confidence at parking boats in confined spaces. We will demonstrate and give you the opportunities to practice techniques such as springing off, using slip lines and various short handed technieques that can make life eaiser whether you are on your own or working as a couple on a boat. There will also be an opportunity to ferry glide, using the tide to advantage while keeping a boat under control. These are all techniques that you may have observed or read about in books, online etc. So the aim of the day is to leave you able and confident to use them yourself. We can also offer this through our Own Boat Tuition service on your own vessel.

Advanced Sailing Skills

The exact content of this session will depend on condiitons, but the aim is to improve your sailing skill set using our 30 foot ketch Karic. We will tailor the day around participants, but some of what we can cover includes:- sailing on and off mooring buoys, sailing on and off pontoons, sailing on and off anchor. With support of an instructor, you will have the opportunity to try out some of these techniques so that in the event of any engine difficulties, or simply because you want a sailing day to end under sail, this one day session will leave you feeling more confident. Other potential subjects are reefing under sails and how to heave to. We can also offer this course through our Own Boat Tuition service on your own vessel.

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