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An Act of Cabotage*!

Olives grown grown by the Reigado family in Portugal, found by olive sommeliers Passeite, brokered by New Dawn Traders, shipped to Torbay by Fairtransport via the French Isle of Noirmoutier to collect Fleur de Sel, all loaded aboard our own Jalapeno with amazing Xisto wines and sailed to Brighton and Newhaven for collection onboard or delivery to your door Zedify cycle couriers. Also available with your veg box from Barcombe Nurseries

We call this community supported shipping and we’d like you to join us!

Buy less, buy better, buy local, by sail!

IN STOCK: Delicious organic olive oil, whole olives, salt and wine!

Open boat evening to collect and sample the cargo

* Cabotage can be loosely defined as shipping cargo along the coast from port to port and this was our inspiration for this year’s delivery of organic olive oil and whole olives from Porto to Newhaven, as well as Fleur de Sel sea salt from the Breton island of Noirmoutier. Derived from Cabo, Portuguese for headland, the Caboteurs of the 1873 engineless sailing ketch Nordlys delivered our cargo from Porto, via Noirmoutier, to Brixham in the south west. From there we transferred the cargo to our own Jalapeno and set sail for Brighton and Newhaven. Join our original sail cargo pioneers and order now!

Loading the cargo onboard Jalapeno

Once again we are delighted to be bringing you olive oil and whole olives in brine from the Reigado family. Emilia and her husband Justino Reigado grow olives in the nature reserve of Faia Brava in Portugal, maintained without use of chemical fertiliser or pesticides, and this year they completed their organic certification, a lengthy process.

“Some producers you can only meet in small fairs in Portugal and this is how Emilia Reigado and I met. I was at Bienal do Azeite in Castelo Branco to hunt for table olives. I found her with a big red flower in her hair. She is a very tiny lady with exceptional commercial skills. Emilia kept on chatting to me in Portuguese while I understood only half of it. But I tasted the oils and olives and was sold.”

– Marije Passos, olive oil sommelier from Passeite based in Portugal who helped Sail Cargo South East and New Dawn Traders find this very special oil.

Despite drought and fires in the region pushing olive oil prices up, we are pleased not to have to increase the cost to you. We shipped the oil in plastic containers again, with a trial amount in wine-style bag in the box containers to test how they fare on the voyage. If successful, this would reduce the packaging significantly and be used for future sail cargoes.

Order now for collection from our Brighton office or bike courier to your door

As before, 40% of the cost price goes direct to the growers, a significant amount compared to other traders.


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Fleur de Sel sea salt from the Island of Noirmoutier in Brittany. The natural artisinal extraction process for Fleur de Sel (pictured) involves gently scraping off only the finest salt crystals from the top surface. This gives the Fleur de Sel of Noirmoutier all the benefits of the Atlantic Ocean, naturally rich in calcium, magnesium, potassium, iron, manganese, zinc, iodine, fluorine. Plus whole unpitted organic olives from the Reigado family.



More information on the growers: the Reigado family

IMG_3637Emilia and her husband are traditional farmers, buying plots bit by bit in a Valley around Coa (Figueira de Castelo Roderigo) in the nature reserve of Faia Brava, where some of their trees are reputed to be more than a 1000 years old. They work with a few varieties from this area: Negrinha, Cornicabra and Verdeal. Some trees only used for table olives, others for olive oil.

It is a tough environment being very dry and hot in the summer. Because most of the trees grow on steep slopes, most of the harvest is done manually. The whole environment is maintained organically and you see all the wildlife around the trees, animals, wild lavender and almond trees.

The Reigado family live in a modest house in their village where they show the few lost tourists the amazing old olive press of the village which is completely intact. They harvest only about 3000 litres per year which is not much at all. Sail Cargo South East is very privileged and fortunate to be able to have access to one third of her crops to sell to you.

More information on the oil

The olive varieties used for pressing the olive oils are Verdeal and Cornicabra. Justino is doing ground blends which mean that olives are picked mostly by hand and mechanical sticks and then pressed together. Each year therefore nature decides on the flavours and notes making it extra special.

These varieties are typical for the Beira Alto area where they are produced. Verdeal brings an intense, slightly bitter and strong spicy flavour which means it has high values of polyphenols that brings us the good health benefits such as antioxidants and vitamin E. Verdeal has a pleasant fruity aroma with some tones of tomato leaf, fig leaf and artichokes.

Cornicabra variety is present in Spain and Portugal and is known for its stability because of its high content in monounsaturated fatty acids, which makes it especially appropriate for dietary purposes. This variety has a balance between sweet dried red fruits at first, and then having notes of green apple and almond nuts with a medium-intense peppery flavour. The texture is smooth and velvety.

This extra virgin olive oil is your all round medium intense friend and is great for using in your everyday kitchen. Topping off salads, soups, pastas, stir fried veggies or just some dipping in bread.

More information about Sail Cargo South East

Nordlys entering Newhaven port

In October 2017 the engine-less classic sailing ketch Nordlys (built 1873 on the Isle of Wight) shipped 1000 litres of olive oil into Newhaven, from Porto, Portugal. This was the culmination of many months work, connecting us via the sea with our wonderful growers, the Reigado family, and bringing their delicious oil to the homes of our sail cargo pioneers - people who pre-ordered 5 litre tubs. This allowed us to pay the Reigados a fair price upfront, 40% of the sale price. We offer full transparency, with each tub including a breakdown of how much money goes to farmer, broker, ship and Sail Cargo South East.

To make all this happen Sail Boat Project (a community sailing school) set up Sail Cargo South East, a partnership to look at establishing sail cargo routes using our own sail training vessels for potential cross channel routes, as well as Nordlys and other boats working longer passages. We are part of a wider network called the Sail Cargo Alliance, which brings together sail cargo vessels, growers and brokers. We are calling this way of working 'community supported shipping' and have now opened pre-orders for late April/early May delivery to Newhaven.

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