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Sail cargo in a nutshell: Olives grown grown by the Reigado family in Portugal, found by olive sommeliers Passeite, brokered by New Dawn Traders, shipped to Torbay by Fairtransport via the French Isle of Noirmoutier to collect Fleur de Sel, all loaded aboard our own Jalapeno with amazing Xisto wines and sailed to Brighton and Newhaven for collection onboard or delivery to your door Zedify cycle couriers. Also available with your veg box from Barcombe Nurseries.

This is what we call community supported shipping!

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To make all this happen Sail Boat Project, a community sailing school, set up Sail Cargo South East, a partnership to look at establishing sail cargo routes using our own sail training vessels for potential cross channel routes, as well as other boats working longer passages (see below). We are part of a wider network called the Sail Cargo Alliance, which brings together sail cargo vessels, growers and brokers.

sail cargo unloading

Loading sail cargo onboard Jalapeno

  • All surplus from Sail Cargo South East goes to the Community Sailing Fund, established to help people from community groups in Sussex access our sailing activities
  • We pay producers a fair price up front, around 50-65% of the prices you pay goes direct to them, with accountability in our pricing outlined with each product
  • Importing high quality products that don’t grow on our islands, we are developing solutions that are small, simple and local. We are looking towards a future where we know we need to use less energy
  • By working towards zero emission transport we are taking practical steps in the face of climate chaos with an informed sense of urgency
  • Community supported shipping helps us keep control of food supply chains and expands the skills base of all those involved
sail cargo customers

Open boat evening to collect and sample sail cargo

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This autumn we are excited to bring you our most diverse range of sail cargo products, including for the first time wine and port from Portugal and amazing Gente de Mezcal from Oaxaca, Mexico. And yes, the mezcal has sailed all the way to the UK! We will be meeting the Bessie Ellen in Bristol docks after her 800 nautical mile journey from Portugal – the final 160 miles will be completed overland using a biodiesel van.

* Cabotage can be loosely defined as shipping cargo along the coast from port to port and this was our inspiration for this summer’s sail cargo delivery. Derived from Cabo, Portuguese for headland, the Caboteurs of the 1873 engineless sailing ketch Nordlys delivered our cargo from Porto, via Noirmoutier, to Brixham in the south west. From there we transferred the cargo to our own Jalapeno and set sail for Brighton and Newhaven.


Current sail cargo voyage:

Bessie Ellen sail cargoVessel: Bessie Ellen

November 2018, Fowey, Cornwall (onward delivery overland to Sussex)

Built in Plymouth, Devon, in 1904 by William Kelly, Bessie Ellen is one of the last surviving West Country trading ketches from a fleet that once stood at nearly 700. Bessie Ellen lived through an era when working sailing ships were an everyday sight in English ports and harbours.

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Next sail cargo voyage:

Iris sail cargoVessel: Iris

ETA: Spring 2019, Brighton and Newhaven

Iris is a Cornish Lugger built in 1921. She is 44ft on deck and stretches to an impressive 95ft overall with her spars out. Currently, she is being restored and converted to carry cargo under sail, with the mission of preserving seafaring tradition. Her first cargo of the 21st century will be olive oil and other products from Greece and Portugal to our own Sussex ports.


Previous sail cargo voyages:

Nordlys sail cargoVessel: Nordlys

October 2017, Newhaven

The engine-less classic sailing ketch Nordlys was built in 1873 on the Isle of Wight. Operated by Fairtransport, she shipped 1000 litres of olive oil for us into Newhaven, from Porto, Portugal, marking our first sail cargo to the Sussex coast this century


Jalapeno sail cargoVessels: Nordlys and Jalapeno

June 2018, Brighton and Newhaven

We worked with Nordlys again this year, trans-shipping cargo from her to our own 43′ yacht Jalapeno in Torbay, Devon. This ‘Act of Cabotage’ echoed the 19th century shipping of cargo along the coast from port to port and was our inspiration for this year’s delivery of organic olive oil and whole olives from Porto to Brighton and Newhaven, as well as Fleur de Sel sea salt from the French island of Noirmoutier.

What our sail cargo pioneers are saying:

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The quality is excellent by the way! Very firm and fresh tasting for brine preserved olives. I'll certainly be ordering some more from your shop.

Raphael 22nd November 2018

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Thank you thank you!!! Oh how beautifully presented, so that i don't even have to worry about
wrapping things, thanks so much x x x

Cath 21st November 2018

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